Sunday, March 26, 2023

MCIT organizes a workshop on the National Digital Agenda 2030

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) hosted The National Digital Agenda (NDA) 2030 Visioning Workshop at the Digital Center of Excellence in Mushereb. The event attracted a significant number of attendees and participants involved in developing Qatar's digital ecosystem.

Digital was recognized as the catalyst for the achievement of national plans, to enable Qatar’s transition towards a knowledge-based economy. To highlight Qatar’s digital opportunity, stakeholders emphasized Digital Enablement (foundational digital components, such as accessible infrastructure and transparent policies) and Digital Advancement (promotion of digital adoption and innovation across industries).

Participants also had the chance to vote on and prioritize critical strategic themes, including establishing a Modern Regulatory Framework, enabling Human-Centric Digital Government, accelerating Private Sector Digitalization, elevating Data as a National Asset and providing Secure and Resilient ICT Infrastructure.

In summary, the NDA 2030 Visioning Workshop created strong momentum for continuing national collaboration on defining digitalization as a cornerstone of Qatar’s development.