MCIT and Google Cloud Brief Government Agencies on the Framework Agreement for Cloud Computing Services | Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Thursday, February 23, 2023

MCIT and Google Cloud Brief Government Agencies on the Framework Agreement for Cloud Computing Services

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and Google Cloud held yesterday an introductory workshop on the framework agreement for cloud computing services signed between the two parties, with key decision-makers at the helm of driving digital transformation across government organizations in Qatar. This agreement is an extension of the strategic collaboration agreement signed by Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZ) with Google Cloud in 2020.    

MCIT's framework agreement enables all government entities to leverage Google Cloud's computing services and digital transformation solutions to enhance their line of work. The workshop focused on how cloud technologies that rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be used at a large scale to support in achieving their vision.

In addition, a series of presentations with important topics were held, such as digital transformation with Google Cloud, Data Classification and Governance, Investing in People, Google Cloud Partnerships, and a panel discussion with Q&A about MCIT's agreement with Google Cloud. Furthermore, MCIT and Google Cloud briefed government officials on digitally transformative concepts to help promote digital transformation in the government sector. Presentations ran on various topics such as infrastructure and application modernization, security products, data management and governance, data analysis solutions, and unique innovative use cases.

Ms. Mashael Ali Al Hammadi, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Information Technology Affairs at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, said: "The partnership with Google Cloud will contribute to accelerating the process of digital transformation in the State of Qatar, which is a fundamental pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030, and this, in turn, will lead to advancing development in various sectors." She added: "The activation of this agreement will enhance the growth of the digital sector in Qatar due to the great potential provided by cloud technologies, which will reflect positively on the national economy and improve the quality of life in Qatar."

Ghassan Kosta, Qatar Country Manager at Google Cloud, said: "Qatar's National Vision 2030 positions digital transformation as a key pillar for the country to become an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for its people. Accordingly, MCIT selected       Google Cloud as a strategic partner to help drive and boost the country's digital roadmap. Together with MCIT, we plan to work very closely with a wide array of stakeholders from the government to bring Qatar's digitalization plans to life."

In the fourth quarter of 2022, MCIT awarded Google Cloud the framework agreement of cloud computing services for the entire government sector. With this award, MCIT and Google Cloud committed to working on joint projects and initiatives to enhance digital transformation in the State of Qatar per Qatar National Vision 2030 and to use the capabilities of cloud computing on a larger scale.